As we speed toward the year 2020 (just a mere 3 months away), it’s difficult to comprehend that we are now living in the future.

The way we live, or should we say the way people want to live is indeed changing. There are many factors contributing to why this is so;

  • the rapid progression of technology,
  • an increasing population,
  • an ageing population,
  • housing affordability,
  • cultural influences,
  • peoples’ desire to live in high demand neighbourhoods and
  • a need for connectivity and convenience.

The biggest contributing factor, however, is probably a shift in mindset – which will lead to an increase in mixed-use developments and the rise of the super apartment, along with build to rent and vertical retirement living models. The two defining demographics leading this change are the Millennials and the Baby Boomers.

By 2025, approximately 75% of the world’s workforce will be Millennial’s, while the peak of the baby boom era will reaching the typical retirement age of 65 by 2025.


Livability & Quality of Life

Although years apart, these two generations have something especially significant in common – they both seek financial freedom and a lifestyle that is second to none. The concept of ‘livability’, ‘quality of life’ and a ‘sense of community’ are the key trends that will cement themselves as way of life for many over the next few years. As such, both build to rent and vertical high-rise living apartment developments are on the up and up.

Both types of developments create an opportunity for people to live in vibrant inner-city suburbs while providing access to a broad variety of amenities. This is an affordable option that allows people to live a convenient lifestyle and most importantly remain connected with their community.

Fully Furnished Apartments

Modern conveniences are one of the biggest selling points for these apartment developments. It’s all about making life easier for busy people. Inclusions such as outdoor living spaces such as landscaped sky gardens, the expediency of quick repairs and maintenance and the option for a fully furnished apartment that’s move-in ready are attracting both a better type of buyer and tenant.

Furniture Packages

Buying or renting a fully furnished apartment removes the inconvenience of having to find the right type of furniture to best suit and fit the space. This is especially important as people have become increasingly design and tech savvy. They want well-tailored, functional, high-tech spaces to live in. More and more buyers and renters seek fully furnished, occupancy ready apartments and this demand shows no sign of slowing down.

Furnish My Apartment have an in-depth understanding of these fast-changing living environments and the target market that they appeal to. We offer tailored furniture packages that are customised to reflect the style and highly detailed design criteria of these types of developments. Our turnkey packages include quality furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces. Each package is carefully curated to create aspirational interiors that attract buyers and renters. View FMA’s pre-styled packages. 

Apartment Furniture Packages

What is Build to Rent Living?

Build to rent developments offer tenants the security of long-term leases in a location that they love at a competitive price. For investors, they provide a secure long-term income stream and when teamed with a furniture package, can deliver record financial returns.

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What is Vertical Retirement Living?

Vertical retirement living offers a living solution aimed toward young at heart empty nesters looking to down size in a home that can adapt to their changing needs but doesn’t feel like an aged care centre. Instead, these developments are packed with facilities that offer the health and well-being, luxury and convenience of a hotel with beautiful communal areas such as lounges, libraries and bars, spa like amenities and a concierge on hand.

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Family Sized Apartments

Of course let’s not forget about the generation X group who are working longer hours than ever before. They too want the ease of access to and from work and are choosing to live closer to the city to be able to spend more time at home with family. As such will see more family sized apartments being built that can accommodate growing families and encourage multi-generation living. These apartments are being coined the ‘super apartment’.

Design for Livability

The onset of 2020 and beyond will lead to a vast number of build to rent, vertical living and family sized apartments being built. All aim to create a unique user experience and aim to redefine the methodology around designing the way we will live.

About Furnish My Apartment

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